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teledisko DAO

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What seemingly is just a silly upcycled phonebooth you can dance in, is in fact operated as one of the most modern organizations in the world.

On one hand  there is a sucessful  real-world busines case which relates to the sale and rental of the teledisko.  This machine can be orderded and purchased  world wide. This means there is a completely  off-chain revenue stream.

On the other hand  there is the teledisko DAO which operates the entire business case as a tokenized  entity.  Tokens are  only mintable through contributors and their time or money investment. Tokens give  access to ownership, governance and dividents.

teledisko's daily business and the upcoming teledisko 3.0 release is owned and  governed by the teledisko DAO.


DAO's  (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are the result of the emerging web3 which is the next generation of the internet which puts the user in the center. Web3 allows for before unseen concepts and innovations based on code, law and  what the bright minds who are envisioning a future that is fair, transparent and free can think of.

Since inception teledisko's VISION STATEMENT has been:

teledisko is striving to assemble a collection of independent utopistic inventions. These hardware as well as software creations, include state of the art tech, which center around human experience.

It is important to up-cycle existing values, in order to create a fair and sustainable future.

Since 2016 teledisko has been at the core of the development of the NEOKingdom DAO framework

and has become the first use case of a fully legal and operational DAO, setup in Estonia in 2022.

What does operating as a DAO mean?


There are no more employees, everybody that contributes to the sucess of teledisko is called a contributor and has the option to be a stakeholder in the organisation and may benefit from it's success.


Contributors earn tokens based on their time contributed and recorded in the project management module of our state of the art open source ERP system ODOO. Tokens are minted to the contributors at the end of each month, based on their contributions.


There is a build in mechanism which allows tokens to be sold for cash at any time to pay rent or whatever else needs to be paid for. In the first step contributors have to offer their tokens to their co-contributors for 7 days for a fixed price of 1Token = 1 Euro for fairness. If the tokens are not sold in this first step, there is a 53 day window in which the tokens can be offered on the secondary market for any price the market is willing to pay for it. If the tokens remain unsold after the second step, teledisko DAO maintains a so called 'trustworthiness reserve' which has to redeem the token back from the contributor for the ratio of 1Token = Euro and burns it.


All these processes are managed in a smart contract based progressive web app available on desktop and mobile. All token transactions and votings are secure, transparent and immutable. Transactions are signed and confirmed using web3 wallet infrastructure.


A contributor or impact investors may also choose to make monetary investments in return for tokens as any organisation will also need some initial liquidity for expenses.


At the end of the year contributors vote on the profit distribution and may earn dividends  based on the profits of teledisko. A predefined amount of the profits has to always go into the aforementioned trustworthiness reserve  to remain liquid and solvent.


Following this simple principle contributors can choose to own part of the organisation they create by holding their tokens, may participate in the decision making and earn rewards at the end of the year. With these mechanisms in place contributors are incentivised to perform and create value, as this will make their tokens desirable for secondary market participants.


Secondary market traders may evaluate the organisation and value that is created by the contributors and can purchase tokens. Through a special mechanism they may claim the annual profit sharing as tokens give them access to  ownership and dividends. 

teledisko DAO is the the first use case and the MVP for the NEOKingdom DAO framework. Fully operational since 2022, teledisko has been a core contributor to building a legally compliant framework which incorporates it's DAO's in Estonia. Estonia is the most digital nation in the world and has a favourable legal system which still complies with European regulations. 

As such teledisko DAO is a mayor token holder of NEOKingdom DAO.

All smart contracts deployed to securely run teledisko DAO have gone through 2 independent security audits. 

Furthermore the entire token model associated with teledisko DAO has been analysed by one of the Big Four accounting firms and it has been found that the teledisko BERLIN token is not considered a security under the current European MICA regulation.

teledisko DAO is using the NEOKingdom DAO framework to be legally compliant

Contributors are investing their valuable lifetime into something they are passionate about. The tokens minted for this value being added are precious and exclusive. The only way anyone would ever get their hands on a teledisko token is if a contributor who actually earned it is willing to sell it.

The teledisko token is called after our home: BERLIN

BERLIN Token will start trading in Q4 2023.  Anyone interested in the sucess and oportunity of teledisko 3.0 and teledisko DAO can apply to be added to the early adopters list.

The most valuable asset we humans own is our lifetime itself.