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teledisko 3.0

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teledisko 3.0 is a global micro business franchise system built on the proven success of a machine that produces happiness.
Available in 2024

teledisko 3.0 is an industrial-grade hardware and software upgrade for the smallest disko on earth, which makes the entire concept scalable.

We have gained valuable experiences from 9 years of operating and maintaining teledisko and have completed a rewrite of the teledisko Player in GO. The teledisko Player is the software stack allowing users to operate and maintain a teledisko with all its components and improved social media integrations. It provides a UI for users to interact with teledisko as well as a back-end to maintain, monitor, and report issues. 


Following options are available:

  1. The teledisko player is an open-source GNU GPL 3.0 license Linux-based system and can be installed free of charge by anyone with the skill set to assemble their own system.

  2. As a ready product, teledisko DAO will offer ready-to-ship teledisko 3.0 kits pre-installed on industrial-grade hardware containing all the necessary components. Operators can then install these kits into any booth type and operate them as stand-alone machines.

  3. For operators who want to run multiple telediskos, a proprietary Python-based admin interface allows them to control their clusters using remote access, online monitoring, and reporting. This online admin interface will be available for operators joining the franchise system, which entails a revenue share model.

From ‘Berlin in a Box’ to global sensation.
teledisko is coming to a location near you.


teledisko player

admin interface

A permanently installed teledisko in Berlin generates between 1000 and 5000 Euros monthly revenue. This figure varies according to location, season, and user frequency.

The daily teledisko rental rate for event-based bookings in Europe is 1500 Euros.

The monthly cost of operation, including maintenance runs, rent, etc., ranges between 200 and 600 Euros per month.


teledisko 3.0—Something for Everyone!

teledisko for Fun Seekers 

  • Each teledisko booth is a unique experience 

  • Over 1 million dancers in the last nine years. 

  • One of Berlin's top 10 most visited party venues.

  • ​​The built-in photo and video feature makes teledisko viral by nature 

  • Hundreds of teledisko photos and videos have gained millions of views and likes on various social media platforms. 

teledisko for Operators

  • Permanent teledisko locations average between 1000 and 5000 Euros monthly

  • Daily rental rates of about 1550 Euros 

  • Operation costs between 200 and 600 Euros

  • Profits vary according to actors such as location, season, user frequency.




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